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About Us

Uleadair is a leading company in the Aviation English Training field with many years of experience teaching aeronautical communications. Our goal is to improve the communication skills of aeronautical staff, be they pilots, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, mechanics or any other aviation professionals. We also provide exciting "mini-courses" for Flight Simulation, IVAO/VATSIM and other aviation enthusiasts. In addition to Aeronautical English training, Uleadair delivers several other courses including Cockpit Resource Management (CRM), Controlled Flight into Terrain Avoidance (CFIT) and Approach and Landing Accident Reduction (ALAR). These first-rate trainings, delivered as online practice lab exercises, include useful concepts and insights into aviation. You'll experience scenarios involving navigation, communications, airmanship, problem-solving, dealing with onboard situations and negotiating with others in a realistic aviation environment. Uleadair will help you train and practice for your Aviation English proficiency test, and more importantly, operate with competence, confidence and safety into and out of international airports.

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