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If you do not feel you are at an English proficiency level to be taught by an ATC controller, Check out our Essential English for Aviation courses that focus on learning the English language but with aviation vocabulary and context.                                                                                            

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You can pay by PayPal with any Credit or Debit card, it is a safe and fast way to secure a place in our course. After contacting a uleadair staff and signing up for a course, click below to make your payment!                                                                                                                                               

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Sample Classes

Click below to get a glimpse of some of our online courses taught by our ATC controllers. Our platform and simulator are online so you can jump in your class from the comfort of your home, all you need is a laptop or tablet and internet! All of our courses are given by FAA controllers in real time, take a look!.


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Extended Airmanship Reality

Uleadair has developed learning methods that range from internet-delivered, game-like Aviation English experiences that are self-directed - to online, interactive virtual classrooms with highly experienced Aviation English instructors. Aviation professionals and enthusiasts are able to learn whenever and wherever they want - at their own pace under the guidance of their virtual and "real" instructors. Since our methods are uniquely designed to bring Aviation English skill levels from mere competency to mastery in such a short time, you are able to outperform other training methods and exceed ICAO requirements.